An Email from a Customer, March 22, 2017
Hi there! Visiting from Philadelphia, there I was in West Seattle, trying to get some calories into my cancer patient and root beer aficionado niece. In search of a delicious dessert, and something easy, root beer floats came to mind. I was delighted with the plethora of root beers! I chose yours because it was local. And relatively inexpensive. WOW! Best root beer ever, and the patient agreed!   I also bought every cream beer they had in stock at Thriftway. We did the Cream beer with a caramel swirl ice cream. Delicious! My daughter is getting married at a Philadelphia area golf club in November. Their customary ice cream sundae bar will feature your sodas that night!
Great product! Regards, Dorothy


Bedford's Sodas bring people together - a Fun Story!

long lost relation?

Bedford family, maybe long lost relatives to Ed Bedford, founder of Bedford’s Sodas,
enjoying sodas at a recent family gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Dianne Bedford Shewmaker contacted Ed a few months ago and discussions began about soda and family.
Maybe they may just be related?
Dianne and Ed are talking about getting together one day to enjoy a soda together?
Maybe in Arkansas or in Ed’s State of Washington?