Bedford's New Diet Ginger Beer         Diet4-Pk Carrier

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Wow… Sales of Bedford’s “Craft” Ginger Beer have been doing very well. We have added a Diet Ginger Beer to the lineup as you requested and I want to thank everyone, Orca Beverage, all our retailers, and of course our wonderful distributors.

With all this excitement has come several requests for a new 4-pack package. Well, as long as we were at it, we decided to dress up the Ginger Beer and give it a total new look. But, oh no, we didn’t mess with our already great tasting product… We hope you appreciate the new look and continue to enjoy our all of the Bedford’s “Craft” sodas.

To order our products just send me an email or give me a personal call… Or contact Young's Columbia. Orca Beverage can also direct you to where you can purchase our products.

Always use Bedford’s Ginger Beer with your favorite Ginger cocktail…
Don’t ruin quality alcohol without your best choice in Ginger Beer!

Click this Link for Cocktail Recipes made with Bedford's Ginger Beer